Humane Education

What is Humane Education?

Humane Education can be defined as “a process that encourages an understanding of the need for compassion and respect for people, animals and the environment and recognizes the interdependence of all living things.”


Why should we invest time and resources in Humane Education?

*Reduces Violence

Research indicates there is a direct correlation between those that physically abuse animals and humans. Abuse and violence towards animals, according to research, is an indicator of psychopathy that does not stop with animals. Teaching our youth to have empathy is essential to raising caring and compassionate human beings. Humane Education Pic 3

*Builds Compassion, Empathy, and Moral Character in our youth

These values are often learned behaviors that are most effective if learned during the development years for youth. Humane Education teaches our youth that animals are living beings with feelings that should be treated with respect and compassion. If we can teach these students about kindness and compassion early in their lives, the chances are greater that those values will continue throughout the rest of their lives.

*Teaches Responsibility

Humane Education helps youth to understand responsibility and teaches them about relationships and accountability for their actions in reference to those relationships.  It also teaches children the value or kindness for all living creatures. Our youth learn to value the choices they make and the impact of those choices on all living creatures in our world. These values carry on to other areas of their lives and the care of our planet.


Types of Programs Offered

We have both on-site and off-site classes that offer standard programing and we can customize programs to support curriculum as well. On-site programs include a tour of our humane society. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


Cost of Humane Education Programs

Programs are free with student donations from our Humane Education Wish List below or groups can pay a nominal fee of $25.


Shelter Tours

We are located at 20950 Enterprise Avenue in Brookfield, WI. Shelter tours include a presentation and an educational walk through of our adoption areas where children learn more about pets and our organization’s role in the community.  We offer interactive learning and can accommodate a maximum of 12 participants; we request 2 adults for every 6 students.


Standard Humane Education Program Options

How to be Safe Around Dogs

Ages: K – 6th grade

Length of Program: 40 minutes

Fee: $25 or students may bring a donation from our Humane Education Wish List

Details: Children will become familiar with the different ways dogs communicate and learn the appropriate way to approach a dog. Children will also learn the appropriate actions to take if they see a stray or loose dog. Children will watch a 15 minute video and then visit with a child friendly dog to allow children to practice their new dog-safety skills.

The Pet’s Bag

Ages: K – 6th grade

Length or program: 30 minutes

Fee: $25 or students may bring a donation from our Humane Education Wish List

Details:  A fun interactive program that teaches youth about responsible pet care and the things they must considering before obtaining a pet.

Dog Behavior and Training

Ages: 3-8th grade

Length or program: 30 minutes

Fee: $25 or students may bring a donation from our Humane Education Wish List. Children will learn how to speak to a dog, positive training techniques, and how dogs learn. An interactive activity will help students view the world from the perspective of our 4 legged friends.


Humane Education Wish List

Here is a list of items that make a difference for the homeless pets in our care:

*KMR or other 1st step kitten milk replacer

*Hot dogs (to use for dog treats and medicine)Humane Education Pic 2


*Peanut Butter

*Dog and Cat toys

*Dog and cat (soft) treats

*Timothy Hay (for our small animal friends)

*Disinfecting wipes

*Brooms with dust pans


*Laundry detergent


How to Register for a Humane Education Program

Please try to make your reservation 4 weeks in advance of your program date. To register for a program, contact our Humane Educator, Sheila Postotnik, at or call us at 262-782-9261. Please leave a detailed message, including the information listed below:


Your name

Organization or school name

Program topic

Contact phone number

Best time to reach you

Age or grade of participants

Number of participants

Date/time options for your program

Location of class—our shelter or your site

Any special requests


After receipt of the initial email or call, you will be contacted within a week to discuss possible dates/times for your group.

Donations to Our Humane Education Program

We are a small shelter with a goal to increase our outreach programs to youth in the community. As a local, independent organization, we rely on individual donations, not support from government agencies or national animal welfare groups, to protect the animals in our community and to continue the education of our youth to work towards a kinder world for our 4 legged friends.   If you would like to help us on this mission, you can donate items from the list above or our full wish list (found under How to Help on our website) or make a monetary donation.  Thank you for allowing us to provide humane education and supporting our efforts to make our community one in which kindness and empathy are extended to all!


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