Training & Behavior


Elmbrook Humane Society (EBHS) is a Force Free Facility, what does that mean exactly? Force Free is the type of training we use that takes into account the emotions and feelings of animals along with the science of how animals learn.  We do not employ pain, startling techniques, fear, or anything the dog perceives as negative tools to train the dogs in our care or in classes.


“A lot of new techniques from 10+ years ago when I had training last time.  Learned a lot about my puppy’s personality.” – Boomer’s mom, Jaime

“This class and instructor was awesome! Great help to training a good puppy” – Anonymous. “Carol did a great job – her tips are accurate and invaluable” – Treasure’s mom, Kim

“We had our session with Carol this afternoon. Amazing! She taught theory and also gave us very specific thing to do. Perhaps the best and most practical educational hour I have ever experienced.” – Winnie’s dad, Jim

The Right Start Seminar – Humans Only, No Dogs Please

This 90-minute seminar covers everything you need to be successful with your new dog. Crate training, housetraining, food and much more! You will learn about how dogs think and how to use that information to better understand them and train them. We will discuss the importance of mental stimulation and why it’s a must for a healthy, happy dog. You will learn about the myths and sort out the conflicting information about dogs and training methods with science-based facts. You will also learn a simple “4 step formula for the best dog ever” to ensure you and your new dog get off to the RIGHT START! Whether this is your first dog or you have had dogs your entire life, you are guaranteed to learn information that will last a lifetime.

Seminar taught by certified trainer and behavior consultant.
Children: Well mannered children 8 and over are welcome to attend.
Cost: Included with EBHS adoption! Public: $30


Puppy Prep Workshop

They are so much fun but can be a lot of work. Come to our 90 minute Puppy Workshop for some great tips on getting started on the right track. You will learn the 3 most important things you should teach your puppy from day 1. Hint – it’s NOT sit! You will learn how to bond with your puppy and learn some games to make learning easy and fun while training habits that will give you a friendly and great dog as an adult. Even if you have had dogs your entire life, you will learn something new and science is teaching us there is so much we didn’t know before about our canine friends!
NOTE: We recommend all puppies take a force-free/science-based training class however this workshop will get you started if you are unable to do so or even supplement those taking puppy classes.

Workshop taught by certified trainer and behavior consultant.
Puppies age: This class is for puppies 5 months and under only and their humans.
Prerequisite: The Right Start Seminar (FREE for all adopters) is recommended prior to the workshop!
Children: Due to space and floor activities, children must be 12 or over to attend.
Cost: $30 for both EBHS adopters and public.

What to bring:
1. Your dog – hungry so best to feed after class if you can
2. Small smelly treats and part of his meal to use for training and games
3. A chew or frozen Kong
4. Favorite toy
5. A “mat” – this can be a towel, bed or mat.
6. A 4-6 foot leash. No flexi/retractable leashes.
NOTE: We will be working on the floor with our puppies so please dress accordingly. Chairs are available for those that would prefer. P


Private Lessons

Whether you have a newly adopted adolescent companion or an older family companion, private training lessons are a great way to learn how to train your dog to come when called, stay, leave it, and much more. Have a friend – split a private lesson for twice the fun! Private lessons are 1 hour in duration and resource handouts are provided to assist with the content of the private lesson.

Private lessons provided by a Certified Behavior Consultant/Trainer.
Cost: EBHS Adopters $75 per hour, Public $100 per hour.


Behavior Consultations and Assessments

These consultations are for dogs exhibiting behavior problems – shy/fearful dogs, human-directed aggression, resource guarding, destructive behavior, dog/dog aggression in home, leash reactivity and more. During the consultation, we will take a background history, conduct initial assessments, provide consulting, and discuss recommendations for management and discuss future steps. We will provide educational materials as necessary. The first session focuses on the history and overall assessment of the dog. With behavior issues, more than one session is needed. These sessions are 75-120 minutes in length.

Consultations provided by a Certified Behavior Consultant/Trainer
Cost: EBHS Adopters contact for rate, Public $195. Follow up sessions $140.
Bite Risk Assessment – This tool will look at all aspects involved in the dog’s life including history, predictability, the severity of the situation, family dynamics and more to determine potential future risks. Additional $50 fee with behavior consultation.


Phone Consultations – Training

Phone consultations (Basic manners/Training) are available for behaviors that are less serious in nature such as crate training, housetraining, leash pulling, jumping and more. Get answers to your questions and speak to a certified professional. Handouts provided as needed also.

Consultations provided by a Certified Behavior Consultant/Trainer.
Cost: $50 for 30 minutes, additional $1 per minute for both EBHS adopters and public.


Phone Consultations – Behavior

Remote consultations for behavior can also be utilized for those out of the area or those with more serious issues including reactivity, anxiety, aggression, etc. in an effort to provide direction, answer questions and more. The consultation will help provide a framework, discuss next steps/options, assess for risks, and provide additional reading and resources for dogs exhibiting more severe issues. We can advise you on whether a phone consultation can work for your particular issue.

Consultations provided by a Certified Behavior Consultant/Trainer.
Cost: $120 for 60 minutes for both EBHS adopters and public.


About Our Behavior Consultant/Trainer

Our Certified Trainer/Behavior Consultant provides consultations to address training issues and minor behavior problems but also provides behavior consultations/assessments for more severe issues like fear, anxiety, and aggression. As one of only four certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ( in the state of Wisconsin, she works with area vets and other professionals in the area of canine behavior. She is also a Certified Dog Trainer with over 2 decades of experience, has been voted Milwaukee’s Top Trainer and is an evaluator for therapy dogs through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs organization. She fosters for several organizations and our facility often working with the most challenging foster dogs.

Call 262-782-9261 or email Carol at to register for a class or arrange a private consultation today.