Training Classes


We are a Force Free Facility, what does that mean exactly? Force Free is the type of training we use that takes into account the emotions and feelings of animals along with the science of how animals learn.  We do not employ pain, startling techniques, fear, or anything the dog perceives as negative tools to train the dogs in our care or in classes.


“A lot of new techniques from 10+ years ago when I had training last time.  Learned a lot about my puppy’s personality.” – Boomer’s mom, Jaime

“This class and instructor was awesome! Great help to training a good puppy” – Anonymous. “Carol did a great job – her tips are accurate and invaluable” – Treasure’s mom, Kim

Jump Start! Puppy Class

Thisclass is included in your adoption of a puppy from our organization but is also open to the general public. Jump Start! Puppy Class is a three week class designed for dogs six months and under. This informative class will give you all the tools to get started on the basics of raising a great companion! You will learn about housetraining, crate training, avoiding behavior problems, jumping, puppy nipping, training techniques, and basic manners. This will all be done in a fun environment, complete with puppy play time to work off your puppy’s energy and help socialize your pup with other dogs and people! A handbook is also included.

Dogs do not attend week one so please leave your pup home but come prepared with any questions or concerns regarding your dog.


Private Lessons

Whether you have a newly adopted adolescent companion or an older family companion, private training lessons are a great way to learn how to train your dog to come when called, stay, leave it, and much more. Have a friend – split a private lesson for twice the fun! Special rates for Elmbrook Humane Society adopters!


Behavior Consultations

Work one on one with our certified dog behavior consultant and certified professional dog trainer who has almost two decades of experience. Behavior assessments, treatment plans, and behavior and training protocols for dogs who exhibit problems or behaviors due to lack of early socialization, temperament, training, or other issues such as aggression, anxiety, or fear.

Classes and private training to help clients raise a great dog also available by our certified trainer/behavior consultant.

Call 262-782-9261 or email Carol at to register for a class or arrange a private consultation today.


Why a Training Class?

It is estimated that 85-95% of adult shelter dogs have had NO obedience training. They are often re-homed sadly just because they are being dogs. By training dogs when they are young and a “blank slate”, we can help ensure that they grow up to be a joy to live with and remain in their home for life. Dogs are very good at being dogs. They dig, bark, nip and do other behaviors we consider very “inappropriate” but these behaviors are all part of being a dog. Therefore we MUST train them to live in OUR world if we want a well mannered dog. In just 3 short weeks, our JUMP START PUPPY CLASS will do just that for you and your new pup! You will learn training techniques that will help you understand your pup’s behavior and will help build a bond that will last a lifetime. It’s never too late to train and our basic obedience class is designed for older pups and for adults of all ages! Our goal is to make training fun and affordable so that you and your companion can enjoy a wonderful relationship!


What Do I Bring to Class?

Can’t wait to get started? What you need to know! You and your dog should come on a regular cloth collar (no choke chains or prong collars) and bring along a 4 foot leash (no flexi leashes) and a mixed bag of soft, small, smelly treats! Dogs go by their nose so think smell! (REMEMBER: Pups do not attend week 1 of the JUMP START PUPPY CLASS – this is for humans only).